Scott Valley Unified School District-Staff Directory
Staff Directory

First Name 
Last Name 
Phone #  School 
Lisa  Besoain  One-on-One Paraprofessional  530-467-3244 ext 1304  Etna High School   
Tracy  Dickinson  Athletic Director/Dean of Students/English Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1402 AD ext 1506  Etna High School   
Chris  Forrester  Library Tech  530-467-3244 ext 1101  Etna High School   
Kristy  Franklin  Mathematics Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1308  Etna High School   
Yolanda  Garcia Lopez  Spanish  530-467-3244 ext. 310  Etna High School   
Regina  Hanna  Principal  467-3244  Etna High School   
Jacob  Hargett  Agriculture/Shop Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1603  Etna High School   
Kellie  Hargett  Agriculture/Science Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1601  Etna High School   
Josh  Harnden  English Instructor  530-467-3244 ext 1303  Etna High School   
Staci  Harris  Physical Education, CHE Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1513  Etna High School   
Anne  Hilton  Counselor  530-467-3244 ext 1503  Etna High School   
Tamy  Howerton  Culinary Arts Instructor/Cafeteria   467-3244 ext. 1511  Etna High School   
Manu  Iannios  Bookkeeper & Registrar  467-3244 ext. 1505  Etna High School   
Kay  Isbell  Physics Instructor  530-467-3244 ext 1202  Etna High School   
Shelly  Johnson  Secretary  467-3244 ext 1500  Etna High School   
Lynn  Karpinski  Art/Publishing/Comp Graphics Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1103  Etna High School   
Alan  Kramer  Maintenance  598-2354  Etna High School   
Brit  March  Upward Bound Coordinator  530-467-3244 ext 1517  Etna High School   
Print  Paw      Etna High School   
Samantha  Robinson  Mathematics Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1309  Etna High School   
Ron  Rudden  Maintenance  467-3244 ext. 1605  Etna High School   
Crassandra  Shelton  SV Options Secretary  467-5279  Etna High School   
Sean  Stapleton  Social Science Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1401  Etna High School   
Amy  Walton  Resource Instructor  467-3244 ext. 1304  Etna High School   
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